How a good design brief can create better marketing results

If you are in the process of using an external design agency for any marketing materials, then providing them with an accurate design brief will help to ensure that you get the results you desire from your marketing, first time.

A clear design brief will give everybody working on the project a better idea of what is to be accomplished and makes sure that your exact expectations are met. Your brief could be considered the most crucial point of any design process.

Some of the greatest briefs have included information such as:

  • What your business wants to achieve
  • What is considered success
  • Reasons why your customers use your competitors
  • The key message to get across to customers

So, how can YOU get the results you need from your design agency? Simple…give them great instructions. 

Here are 6 vital pieces of information you need to include in your design brief:

  • Background

Who you are and what you do

What is unique about you

 The qualities of your business e.g. high price or value driven 

The image you wish to portray

Any branding guidelines

Other marketing activities you are doing/have done

A point of contact for the project

  • Objective

What you wish to accomplish from this marketing communication e.g. drive traffic to website, increase sales, create brandawareness?

  • Format

This is about what you are hoping for from a design point of view e.g. do you have a size or pagination in mind?

  • Target audience

Think about who this communication is being aimed at. You need to make it clear who your target market is, the tone of voice,and how your brand needs to be reflected to ensure consistency across all marketing channels.

  • Message

Are there any particular words or pictures that you need to use? It is important that whatever you use reflects what your brandstands for and is related to your business. It is important to also include a clear call to action.

  • Schedule and budget

It is crucial to indicate timescales and a rough budget – this gives the designer/agency an idea of what you’re looking for and will stop them coming up with design concepts which will be out of your budget range. It is also helpful to let the designer know if they are working to a particular date.

If there is anything obscure about your business or services, then it is worth telling the agency. It may be helpful to know and will increase your chances of getting better results from your marketing.

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