Say “hi ” to our new associate Marc Ortmans

We are very pleased to introduce you to our new associate, Marc Ortmans.  Marc is a brand communications specialist with particular expertise in creating high impact and engaging video content.  During the course of his career Marc has worked on campaigns for organisations such as Continental tyres, Grants whiskey, Proctor and Gamble, Virgin Active, ITN, Thomas Cook – Club 18.30 and SAB Miller helping them tell their brand story.

Have you ever wondered what your ‘ brand story’ is?  Maybe you think you don’t have one or maybe you think it’s just marketing rhetoric…  In our experience, every business has one.  It just takes the right insight to uncover it and then communicate its’ sentiment in a way that connects with your clients and prospects.

Marc’s extensive experience in this area brings a range of enhanced services that could take your marketing communications to the next level.

To see Marc’s showreel click HERE