SEO Benefits Of Having A Video On Your Website

Video can work as a powerful tool in increasing your website’s popularity and hence its SEO. No matter what the idea behind it may be- increasing page views, earning money, or just sharing some information- videos can make your website dynamic by attracting and keeping large number of visitors. There are number of additional benefits of having a video on your site which are discussed in the following lines.

The SEO Benefits:

As YouTube leaves Bing and Yahoo far behind in the race for daily searches made by visitors all over the world, the SEO or search engine optimization perspective of having a video on your site is greatly enhanced. In order to increase your site’s search engine rankings you must be able to provide the right content on your site that will be liked by search engines. You are well aware by now that Google really likes videos (the search results always include videos). Therefore, the SEO benefits of having a video on your site can be used for maximized results.

  • Read on to find out how you can use video for driving more traffic to your site:
  • Label the video on your site using a keyword and describe the video using relevant keywords.
  • Make sure that your video is in simple format. You don’t need special effects or actors to get the job done.
  • Consider using video animation as it has gained much popularity among visitors but make sure it is simple and clear.
  • If the video is trying to explain something you can try to transcribe it and add this transcription to your web page in order to enforce the important keywords.
  • Don’t forget to submit the video to your website map so that search engines can index your web pages. Try to link the video to some of your web pages with the help of a descriptive link (and this is not the “click here” link, instead use something like “watch my trial video” using important keywords in the descriptive link).


The most important aspect of popularising a video is to keep it short. IT Giant, Microsoft, has found out that visitors have attention spans shorter than goldfish- eight seconds! But you can share all your information in an interesting and captivating way even within this time frame.