Video Branding & Storytelling

Today’s marketing landscape has changed so we’ve changed with it – see our new ‘ Video Branding and Storytelling’ Service’ !

So what is it…..

1. On screen strategy – Extending your brand to on-screen allows your brand story to be told using motion and sound.  We can offer a pathway to realisation including a strategy for articulating a moving and aural brand.

2. Brand opportunity – Building an on-screen brand presence offers new opportunities for brand expression.  These provide several advantages beyond other media, enabling us to: bring your brand to life, define brand character, reinforce brand values, experience the brand in time and space, present a new branded environment.

3. Video communication enhancement – Creating an on-screen brand toolkit will allow video communications to make new and deeper brand impressions.  It will help video deliver messages in a range of ways beyond static media.

4. Evolving the brand to on-screen – Developing the brand to be applied successfully on-screen will avoid misinterpretation and inconsistency.  Once guidelines have been established, video communications can be rapidly produced consistently and effectively.

And why is this service so important? 

Well the stats speak for themselves….

75% of business executives watch work related video weekly, the word            ‘ video’ in the subject line boosts open rates by 19%, a video will increase clickthrough by 65%.

More video is created in one month than TV has created in 3 decades, 82% of Twitter users watch video content, 33% of tablet owners watch an hour of video EVERY day, 28% of smartphone users watch a video EVERY day, 78% of people watch videos online EVERY week, 500 million people watch Facebook videos EVERY day, Snapchatters watch 10 billion videos EVERY day.

Our new associate Marc Ortmans is going to be working with us to deliver the ‘ Video Branding and Storytelling’ service. To see Marc’s showreel CLICK HERE

Examples of Where Video Can be Applied


  • Consumer video – brand image, product or service storytelling.
  • Corporate video – B2B communications for investors, customers, markets messaging and PR.
  • On company website
  • On company and third party social media channels
  • Exhibition stands and shows
  • Reception and company areas
  • Internal communications – intranet
  • CSR stories to the community

Audio Branding can also be used to extend brand touch points. For example audio branding can be used for telephone hold music, in lifts, visitor areas, in store, and online.

To find out how we can help your product or service break through the immense ‘ clutter’ and ‘ noise ‘ produced by your competitors please feel free to contact us today via email at